Annual Elections of Officers Held on Monday April 18, 2016

This past Monday evening our Annual Meeting was held.  Dinner was organized by members of our crew led by Michael Benedetti and food was had by all!

Elections for all Corporate Officers and Active Crew Officers of Chief, Deputy Chief, Fire Captain and Rescue Captain.

We would like to welcome back President H. William Sundberg for an additional term as President.  He will be taking the place of Dennis Charland who has made the decision to step down from President to the role of Vice President.  Mr. Charland and Mr. Sundberg, we thank you for your continued efforts and congratulate you on your new terms.

We welcomed back Fred Jorgensen to Treasurer, Karl Petsching to Recording Secretary, Audra Pezzulli to Corresponding Secretary and Eric Johnson to Finance Committee Chair.  Thank you all for your ongoing service.

Chief Adam Hebert remains as Chief of the department and Deputy Chief Ryan Adams has stepped down from his role.  The body gave Deputy Chief Adams a rising vote of thanks for his leadership efforts.  He will continue on in the department as an active member with a limited leadership role.  Fire Captain Joseph Lang was elected as the New Deputy Chief and elected to fill his vacated role is Lt. Shaun Branch.  Congratulations to Deputy Chief Lang and Captain Branch!  Captain Kerri Dexter was elected to remain the Rescue Captain and we thank her for her hard work.

Appointments and Re-appointments of Fire ans EMS Lieutenants will be completed for May’s Monthly meeting.  All current Lieutenants are continuing to serve in their roles and will receive their assignments at this time.

Thank you All for your Dedication and Service!

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