New Addition Coming to a Completion

After many months of hard work and dedication, we are ready to reveal our new renovations.  With this project coming to a completion we are gaining a dedicated fitness room as well as a crew bunk room and bathroom with shower facilities.  This change will help with retaining membership and providing facilities necessary for members to comfortably serve overnight duty shifts and maintain a fitness level needed to perform the task they are trained to complete.

We are looking for donations to help us furnish these new areas with furniture and fitness equipment.  Any help is appreciated!  Visit our Donate page to help us out.


New Bathroom with shower facilities

Bunk Room in process

Bunk room with a semi private area and hallway

Bunk room window overlooking the Scituate Reservoir

Progress picture of hallway leading to bathroom and bunk room

The fitness room in the making

Bathroom tile in place awaiting fixtures

From the hallway looking into the fitness room

Bunk room flooring in place

Hallway from the bunk room with rear exit door

Bunk room flooring in awaiting light fixtures

Fitness Room with view overlooking Horseshoe Dam

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