Station 20 Gets a Face Lift!

Some may remember back in the ‘good old days’, a time when the station’s frontage was adorned with red garage doors filled with glass window panes providing a view into the inner workings of NSFD:


(Image provided by Ret. Chief David Gaiewski)

Unfortunately, back in those days glass technology was limited and because of some issues with fading fire equipment and truck paint, they had to be removed in favor of the industrial-style doors you see below:



While functional, some much needed updates have taken place that not only upgrade the curb appeal but also enhance the usability of our station.  Thankfully glass technology has come a long, long way and we are proud to say that the red doors are back!  Thanks to our Capital Projects Committee as well as the folks at Parma Doors, we have replaced the white doors with beautiful new red overhead doors with energy-efficient glass windows, simultaneously future-proofing our station and hearkening back to sometime in the 1960’s!  Additionally, while door work was being performed, the decision was made to raise the header in the center bay (where Ladder 22 currently resides) in order to expand our options when looking at today’s modern replacements for our aging Ladder truck.


(Two out of three doors completed)


(Liuetenant Lavallee keeps a watchful eye on the progress of Ladder 22’s overhead door.  Background: EMT Sasa shines up Rescue 1)


Above the Lieutenant in the previous image is another welcome component to enhance the safety of our members as well as preserving the integrity of our new doors; a signal system that allows the driver of the truck to know when the door is completely open and stopped prior to exiting the bay in the apparatus.  The light flashes red until the door is completely open and stopped, at which point the light will turn steady green.  It also flashes red as the door comes down, until it is fully closed.


(Temporary Scaffolding while progress is made on the new center door.  Note the additional header height to accommodate today’s larger Ladder trucks)


And finally, the finished product, just in time for the Scituate Art Festival!



(The apparatus standing ready behind their new doors)

What a difference!  The keen-eyed among you may have noticed the banner hanging along the roofline…more on that in a future post!

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