Chimney Fire – Dexter Road

To assist with giving the public a view into some of what the North Scituate volunteers do on a regular basis, images from significant incidents and company training will now be posted to this website as well as our Facebook page, when possible.  To protect the privacy of those involved in any incidents, information may be withheld or omitted.

First up, members operated on a chimney fire in the first due on Dexter Road.  Ladder 22’s crew worked alongside Chopmist Tanker 61 to extinguish a fire in a stovepipe, luckily without further extension into the residence:

As the only Ladder company in town, Ladder 22’s first responsibility on any building fire or chimney fire is as a primary search company (locating potential occupants and/or the location of the fire) or as a roof company handling ventilation and/or chimney operations.  FF Parisi, seen above, is standing by at the stovepipe with the chimney kit waiting for confirmation that the interior team is ready for him to begin the chimney chain operation.

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