Ahead of Schedule is Never a Bad Thing! Progress on our new Special Hazards 1!

     Thanks to a bit of luck and good timing, we’re starting to see the new Special Hazards 1 taking shape a little bit ahead of schedule!

     The new truck will be based on a durable International chassis with a Cummins engine and Allison transmission, with a custom stainless steel body built by Marion Body Works out of Marion, Wisconsin.  This combination of heavy-duty components and innovative tools & technology should allow the new Special Hazards to provide many years of faithful service to the town of Scituate, like the old “Horseshoe Express” it replaces.

Here are some shots provided to us by Marion Body works.  We will update as new photos become available!

The chassis on delivery day, showcasing our traditional Black-Over-Red paint scheme.

This photo shows the driver’s side of the body, with the crew cabin portion to the left of the photo.


This photo shows the front section of the body that will face the rear of the chassis cab.  This is where a pass-through will exist between the crew cabin and the forward chassis.


The members of the North Scituate Fire Department are extremely grateful to the Town of Scituate and its residents, without whom this exceptional piece of apparatus would not be possible.  SH1 is the second busiest truck behind only our Rescue 1, and it means a lot to our members to have the vehicles, tools and equipment to respond for our residents safely and effectively.  We’d also like to thank Marion Body Works for providing progress photos as the build takes place, to tide us over until the truck is finally ready!

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