More Special Hazards Progress!

With more excellent collaboration from our vendor on the Special Hazards project, Marion Body Works, we’re pleased to share these additional progress pictures.  Our last update included pictures of the rescue body’s skeleton being assembled, and since then there has been a lot of work completed!  Here are some additional shots from Marion’s most recent update:



The Front End of the durable International chassis chosen for this truck, showcasing plenty of chrome!


Left side shot of the chassis, showing off the dividing line between our historical Black over Red paint scheme


Right side shot of the chassis


This shot showcases the driver’s side of the box, with the door to the crew cab to the left of the photo.  You can see the compartments and outer body skins have been placed.


Similar to the above, this time from the Officer’s (right) side of the box.



From here there is additional fabrication and installation to take place, followed by mounting and paint.  From there a final inspection will take place before it’s finalized and delivered.  Once the truck is delivered, it will go out for lettering and final equipment mounting before it can be placed into service.


The members of the NSFD are growing more and more excited with every update to get their hands on this truck and put it in service to the town.  Along with the vehicle itself, many new tools and pieces of equipment along with significant improvements in lighting technology will allow the members to continue to serve our community safely and effectively.


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