The finish line is in sight….more Special Hazards Progress!

We couldn’t be happier with the amount of progress being made on the new Special Hazards 1.  The body is almost complete and tape lines have been laid giving a sneak peak at the color break for the classic “black over red” paint job that our NSFD Apparatus all wear.


Driver’s side of the body showcasing compartment space, as well as the newly installed crew cab door.  Note the blue tape line indicating the break point between black and red for the paint job.

This photo showcases the heavy duty diamond plate roof including one of two integral roof-mounted toolboxes and the walkway providing access to the hydraulic generator.

Inside of the crew cab space seen from the pass-through cutout that will connect it to the chassis cab.


This is the beginnings of the HMA ultra-high pressure pump system to be installed in SH1.  This system adds fire suppression capabilities that the previous Special Hazards 1 did not have.


We can definitely see the light of the tunnel and are super thankful to the great teams at HMA and Marion Body Works for all the hard work they’ve been putting in.  We absolutely cannot wait to see this truck assembled and delivered, and of course put into service for the residents of our town.

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