Entering the home stretch! SH1 is starting to look like a real truck!

Once again we’re all astonished at the progress this truck has been making in recent weeks.  The team over at Marion Body Works are cranking this thing out, and it’s looking great!  As of the most recent update, we have the following news to report:

  • Body has been painted to match Chassis color scheme
  • Tool boards and slide-out trays are being mounted
  • Body has been mounted to Chassis
  • Many of the vehicle’s components such as wiring and emergency lighting have begun installation


That’s enough of that, onto the pictures!

This shot showcases the front of the truck, giving a real sense as to just how big it’s going to be.  Notable items include the front receiver hitch for use with the modular winch system, the Whelen heavy duty emergency lighting package, the extremely bright forward facing LED flood lamps, and the exceptionally powerful LED light tower atop the box.  You’ll be able to see this truck coming from a long way out!


This photo showcases the driver’s side of the rescue body.  From left to right are the crew cab area, followed by three large compartments.  Note the slide out tool boards in the rear-most compartment, and SCBA air bottle storage over the wheel well.



This photo showcases the officer’s side of the rescue body, boasting more compartment space and slide-out drawers in the compartment on the right hand side of the photo.


There is certainly a ways to go still, with more emergency lighting, body upfitting, crew cab area completion, followed by delivery to our dealer for additional equipment mounting, but it’s definitely moving along!  It won’t be long before she’s in the barn fully equipped and lettered, and ready to serve the residents of our town.

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