Big news! SH1 Nearing the Finish Line & New Ladder 22 Moving Forward!

In what really feels like a whirlwind of huge events happening around the NSFD, we’re happy to announce that not only is the new Special Hazards 1 nearing completion, but the purchase of our new Ladder 22 has also been approved to move forward!  Many thanks to the town residents who came out to support us at the special financial meeting where the bond was approved, and thank you to the Town Council and their chosen committee for the open communication and collaborative effort to keep things moving.

The new Ladder 22 will be a stock unit from Pierce Manufacturing, one of the premier makers of fire apparatus in the United States.  The platform will be the Pierce Enforcer single-axle chassis, with Pierce’s Ascendant 107 foot rear mount aerial ladder.  Ladder 22 will remain a Quint, boasting a 2000 gallon per minute Waterous pump in addition to foam and water tanks.  Essentially, this new truck will be pretty similar to our previous one, just beefed up in many areas!  The additional horizontal reach of the 107 foot aerial compared to our previous 75 footer will make a huge difference in both the truck and our crews’ capabilities.  Thanks to the truck being a stock unit, the process of procuring it will take a fraction of the time it normally would, taking approximately 2-3 months from ink drying to in-service, barring any unforeseen circumstances of course.  For reference, a custom build of a truck like this would normally take between 12 and 18 months!  The pictures below are of the actual truck we’ll be looking to purchase:

An interesting fact:  The City of New Orleans has actually just purchased two Pierce Enforcer 107′ Ascendant aerial ladder trucks almost identical to this one to place into service replacing their aging fleet!

On the Hazards, Marion Bodyworks has pretty much finished up their portion of the work and it’s looking great!  From here, Marion will tidy up the final finishing and the truck will then travel to our dealer, Northeast Fire Equipment in Connecticut.  Northeast will perform some final modifications and equipment mounting, and then she’ll be stopping by at Station 20 on the way to lettering, and finally being placed into service.  It’s been a long road, but these pictures have us more anxious than ever to get her on the streets!

Front 3/4 view showcasing the front winch, and only missing a couple minor details

Rear 3/4 view showcasing the extensive lighting package as well as the Ultra High Pressure fire suppression system

Driver’s side of the rescue body, showing the pneumatic lift bag storage and pull-out toolboards in the rear compartment

Officer’s side of the rescue body showcasing the innovative use of sliding trays and other storage solutions

The HMA Ultra High Pressure suppression system, a new capability added to our ‘toolbox on wheels’

SCBA seats with additional storage inside the crew area

A look at one of two roll-up cabinets either side of the seats allowing additional storage, notice the full diamond-plate interior which is a homage to the interior of the rescue body on our current Hazards!

The members of the NSFD are incredibly grateful for the support we’ve received from our community, and look forward to continuing to serve our town in the state-of-the-art equipment we’re obtaining.

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