Special Hazards 1 Reporting Back in Service!

It is with great pride and gratitude that NSFD announces, after a very long and winding road, the new Special Hazards 1 has been placed into service replacing our former 2004 Peterbilt/1985 Frontline bodied SH1. The crew have spent the last month or so intensively training on the new apparatus and all of its tools to ensure a timely ramp-up in getting our second-busiest truck ready to go.

Leading up to that was a painstaking process of design and specification, securing funding from the town, bidding, and then the build process. Start to finish, this truck is just over two full years in the making. Special thanks to the following for their effort in making this happen:

  • Our NSFD Capital Projects and Truck committees and their members for their perseverance
  • The Town Council for their support
  • Northeastern Fire Equipment
  • Marion Body Works
  • HMA Fire
  • Most importantly, thank you to the residents of Scituate for their constant support of the volunteers, and who voted to approve funding for this apparatus which we look forward to serving the community with for many years to come. Be on the lookout for this beauty and give us a wave if you see us coming by!

Without further adieu, here’s a parting shot of the completed Special Hazards flaunting a little less than half of its impressive equipment inventory:

The new Special Hazards 1, a 2020 International MV/Marion Body Works “wet rescue”

Some highlights of the truck’s capabilities for those interested (full specs on its apparatus page):

-360 degree high power LED Scene lighting

-Full complement of state-of-the-art, battery operated TNT Rescue tools

-Hydraulic TNT Rescue tools off the rear

-HMA Ultra High Pressure Fire Suppression System

-Winch receiver points on all four sides of the truck

And last but not least, for a bit of nostalgia, one of the better photos of the outgoing apparatus that this one is replacing:

Special Hazards 1, 2004 Peterbilt/1985 Frontline

The previous Special Hazards served the community for 16 years in its current form and the rescue body for another 19 years prior to that. Countless incidents responded to and people helped. “Uncle Pete’s Chop Shop” holds a special place in the hearts of many at NSFD and in the community, and will certainly be missed.

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