Special Hazards 1

2020 International MV / Marion Body Works
“Horseshoe Express”

Special Hazards 1 performs many roles at NSFD. It serves as a heavy rescue, EMS support/chase apparatus, and responds to every type of alarm on our Run Card. Chasing the busiest truck in town takes its toll, and thanks to the support of the town and its residents, we’re proud to present the new Special Hazards 1.

Detailed Specs:

  • 2020 International MV Chassis
  • Cummins L9 Engine
  • Allison Transmission
  • Marion Body Works Rescue Body with integrated crew cab
  • Multi-frequency Radio capabilities with Command Post station in cab
  • Hydraulic, top-mounted Generator
  • Command LED Light Tower
  • 360 degree FireTech by Hi-Viz Scene Lighting
  • HMA Ultra High Pressure Water/Foam suppression system
  • 12,000 lb receiver-mounted winch with 4x receiver hitch points, one on each side of the truck
  • Electric cable and Air Hose reels
  • Cordless Ridgid tool set
  • Air tools including pneumatic chisels and cut-off tool
  • Paratech lifting/stabilization Air Bag system
  • Pre-piped 10,500psi hydraulic TNT rescue tools (Cutter, Spreader, Ram)
  • Full complement of TNT Storm2 Battery Powered Rescue tools (Cutter, Spreader, Combo Tool, 2x Rams)
  • Stabilization/shoring strut complement including Rut Struts, Paratech VSK and Res-Q-Jack strut systems
  • Assorted cribbing
  • 10 spare 4500psi Scott Air Bottles
  • 4 Scott SCBA packs
  • Haz-Mat equipment including absorbent pads and booms as well as speedy-dry
  • Spill and leak mitigation equipment
  • Speedy-Dry hopper integrated into the Rescue body
  • Multi-Rae Gas meter
  • Submersible water pumps
  • Forestry-duty chain saw
  • Rope rescue equipment
  • Ice Rescue suits
  • Full complement of EMS equipment