Special Hazards

Special Hazards

“Uncle Pete’s Chop Shop”  – Dedicated to Retired Chief Todd Sprague

Our 1985 Special Hazards 1 went through a comprehensive refurbishment project.  The refurb was made possible through a variety of resources.  These resources included grants through the Champlin Foundation which funded and expanded our extrication, AC power and safety fundamentals.  An Annual Budget allocation from the Town of Scituate allowed us to replace the cab and chassis, transfer the body, repair wiring and upgrade the essential functions of the truck.  A Homeland Security Grant is reinforcing our Hazardous Material Spill Response and mitigation program by allowing additional supplies and metering to be placed onboard.  Last but not least we, the North Scituate Fire Department supplied additional co-ordination, funding and labor to bring the entire project to near completion.  This project is complete and through aggressive and cooperative management of this refurb project we saved our citizens and the Town of Scituate approximately $ 70,000.00.  We look forward to many years of reliable service.

Our most recent addition has come in the form of a new Holmatro power unit, spreaders and cutters rated at the 10,000 psi needed to cut and pry the composite metals now used in todays vehicles.

Key Features

  • 2004 Peterbilt 320 Cab Over Chassis
  • 3126 Caterpillar Diesel
  • Allison Automatic Transmission
  • 18 Foot Frontline Walk-in Rescue Body, circa 1985
  • 9,000 # Ramsey rear mounted electric winch
  • 12kW Westerbeke Diesel Generator
  • 360-degree perimeter quartz lighting
  • Command Knight Light Tower
  • Electric Cable Reels
  • Portable lighting
  • Air Tool Reel
  • 245 Ton Paratech Air Bag System
  • 3-Hurst Hydraulic Reels equipped for simultaneous operation
  • Hurst equipment includes 32 series spreaders, O cutters, Paladin Combo Tool, 12, 30 and 60 series rams
  • Fully equipped and licensed for Advanced Life Support
  • Pre-piped Oxygen
  • Command Post position with multiple frequency capabilities
  • Nextel equipped with GPS
  • Bullard Thermal Imager display and recording station
  • Rutt-Strut Stabilization System
  • Paratech Rescue Struts
  • Hydraulic jacks
  • Assorted cribbing
  • 13-spare 4500 psi Scott air bottles
  • 6-Scott AP 50 Air Paks w/RIT ports
  • Haz-mat pads, boom, Speedy Dry, and Non-Sparking Tools
  • 6-Level B suits
  • Comprehensive Hazardous Material Library
  • Multi-Rae Meter
  • MSA Haz Mat Test Kit
  • Non Sparking Tools
  • Radiological Monitoring Equipment
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Chain Saw
  • Miscellaneous shovels, brooms, handtools, etc.
  • Exothermic Cutting Torch
  • Cool Misting Fan
  • Portable Canopy
  • Multi-port Oxygen Manifold with 50′ of hosing