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Financial Contributions


Financial contributions are always welcomed and put to good use.  In the past we have purchased firefighting equipment that was made possible by the gracious financial contributions of many individuals and businesses.  You can be sure your donation will be used to improve our department and the services we provide to the community.

Please mail any donations you would like to make to our P.O. Box listed below.  Alternatively, donations are accepted via PayPal by following the link below:



We would like to encourage involvement in the North Scituate Fire Department to the youth of our town.  Anyone who would like to help out around the station and learn what the station is like from the inside or who might be considering a career in emergency services and would like to observe a small part of it can become involved in our youth program.  Please get in touch with us by using the form below.  An officer of the active crew will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Of course we will always need adult recruits.  If anybody would like to volunteer to serve our village and neighbors in a very meaningful way please get in touch with us using the form below.  We always need new firefighters and EMT’s.  We will provide the training and equipment you need to make a difference.  You do not need to live in the town of Scituate, but you must be able to meet a reasonable time commitment required of all of our active members.

If you don’t want to be a firefighter but still want to volunteer your help we can always use you.  Any skills you may have that would assist our department are always appreciated.  We hold multiple fundraisers each year and everyone’s help is always appreciated.  Also skills like carpentry, electrical, typing and baking are a few of the areas we could always use assistance with from time to time.  Don’t think you have any skills!  Well, we occasionally need good old manpower doing things that anyone can do.  So don’t be afraid to let us know you’re available.

Please use the form below if you are interested in hearing more about the organization.