Corporate Officers

Corporate Officers


The North Scituate Fire Department is a 501c(4) organization and as such elects Corporate Officers to manage the Corporate side of the house.

President – H. William Sundberg

It is the duty of the President to call and preside over all business meetings of the Department.  The President manages all Corporate Officers and Committees of the department

Vice President – Dennis Charland

In the absence or incapacity of the President, the Vice President shall assume the authority of the President and perform the duties there of.

Treasurer – Fred Jorgensen

It is the duty of the Treasurer to receive all money collected, and deposit all money of the Department as soon as possible in the name of the Department, in some bank or trust company satisfactory to the department finance committee

Recording Secretary – Karl Petsching

It is the responsibility of the Recording Secretary to keep a record of the proceedings of regular and special meetings of the Department in a book to be furnished by the Department.

Corresponding Secretary – Audra Pezzulli

The Corresponding Secretary shall receive and read all correspondence received and answer same, as may be directed by the Department, keeping copies their-of as may be appropriate.