Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention Division

Our goal is the promotion of fire safety through education, implementation and enforcement of Life Safety Codes, National Fire Protection Association Rules and Regulations, Fire Safety Codes and Ordinances.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Test your detectors every month

Please read the manufacturers instructions to determine the best way to test your detectors.

Batteries should be changed annually, however we suggest semi-annually

(Easy way to remember is to change the batteries when you change your clocks).

Most Manufacturers Recommend Replacing Detectors Every

10 Years!

How Old Are Your Detectors?

Activities of this division include:

The department annually visits the elementary school in our district to distribute fire prevention material and educate our youth in fire prevention.

  • Providing public education at various events
  • Providing seminars about a variety of topics to businesses and organizations within our district upon request.
  • Review of all plans for commercial construction, remodeling or renovations to verify that the work will be in compliance with the current fire codes.
  • Review of residential construction and renovation to insure that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in compliance with the current fire codes.
  • Commercial Inspections for licensing, complaint resolution and construction to verify that all fire code is followed and maintained.
  • Residential smoke and carbon dioxide detector inspections.  It is required for the closing of any dwelling where ownership is changing.

If you wish to set up an appointment or have any questions, please call (401) 647-9298 and leave a message on our answering machine. So we can properly respond to your call please leave a brief description of what is needed as well as day and evening phone number. Someone will contact you as soon as possible, usually within 1 to 3 business days.