Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression

The Fire Suppression Services are managed by The Deputy Chief.  The Deputy is tasked with leading Fire Suppression Services for the North Scituate district, assisting the other Scituate departments with fire suppression in the Town of Scituate and to provide mutual aide to the surrounding communities.  These tasks are carried out using primarily Ladder 22, Tanker 21, and Brush 23.

In an effort to accomplish these varied duties, the Deputy is assisted by the Fire Captain and his fire lieutenants.

The Deputy Chief  also has the responsibility of developing fire training, technical rescue training, education and suppression activities for the entire department.

Training is rigorous and constant.  The course content is centered around the offerings of the Rhode Island State Fire Academy, IFSTA Training Manual, as well as a hands on approach to all covered subject matters.  Each firefighter is subjected to a qualification exam prior to placement on the “Active Crew” and entrance into the “Call Incentive and Reimbursement” program.

All “Active” firefighters are required to maintain a training criteria, minimum call activity level and an active participation in all departmental training.