Officers of the Department

Officers of the Department

These members are the leadership of the operational aspects of the department.

Chief of Department – Adam Hebert

The buck stops here.  Responsible for overseeing operations of the department services while developing and implementing long term strategies for growth and development within the town and among the other Fire Suppression and EMS providers in the Town of Scituate

Deputy Chief – Joseph Lang

Reporting to the Chief, this role is responsible for ensuring crew and apparatus readiness.  The deputy chief assists in planning activities and operational execution of response plans

Fire Captain – Shaun Branch

The Fire Captain is in charge of day to day staffing, training and response.  The Fire Captain will organize company drills, oversee equipment inventories and outfit personnel with necessary protective equipment

EMS Captain – Kerri Dexter

The EMS Captain is responsible for Licensing and Inspection of all licensed EMS vehicles, crew certification ensuring current licenses, management of controlled substances and organizing company drills and recertification classes when required


Fire Lieutenants

The Fire Lieutenants are responsible for monitoring equipment inventories in Fire Suppression apparatus.  They are also in charge of training individuals to a level of competency required to serve on the active crew and assisting the Fire Captain with company drills.

EMS Lieutenants

EMS Lieutenants are tasked with maintaining the EMS equipment on all apparatus and ensuring equipment readiness.  This includes validating any perishable supplies are within their expiration dates.  The EMS Lieutenants also assist with ordering of supplies and providing training at company drills at the request of the EMS Captain.

  • Megan Umbriano
  • Ashley Brusoe
  • Paul Taylor

Fire Alarm Superintendent

Reporting to the Chief, the Fire Alarm Superintendent maintains all radio communication equipment, including base radios in the station, mobile and portable radios in apparatus and with the officers and pagers carried by the crew.

  • Dave Gaiewski

Fire Marshall

The Fire Marshall also reports to the Chief and manages the Fire Prevention Division.  The Fire Marshall will receive and review plans from the building inspectors office to ensure fire and life safety codes are enforced and inspect residential buildings prior to a sale to verify smoke detector placement and operation.

  • Karl Petsching